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Faberge Egg

This is my most ambitious 3D print yet! The chick and veins were printed and then set in a mold with clear epoxy resin to create a play on the logo of Psyop. No post effects were added to the photos to make them look dreamy, the imperfections in the way I poured the epoxy is what makes the spooky swirls in the egg. The bubbles along the veins was a reaction with the resin and spray paint. Practical stuff is cool!

The epoxy resin has an IOR of 1.56 so I had to warp the final bird model so that the resin would not distort inside the egg in a way I didn't like. I ended up simulating the IOR with arnold and it turns out that the shape of the lattice I made resembled an hour glass shape like the inverse shape of the egg.

Elias glasch littlebirdie 02
Elias glasch littlebirdie 03
Elias glasch littlebirdie 01

Captured with my 60D at golden hour

Elias glasch littlebirdie 04
Elias glasch littlebirdie 05
Elias glasch littlebirdie 06
Elias glasch img 8558
Elias glasch littlebirdie 08
Elias glasch img 9178
Elias glasch demolding
Elias glasch img 9193
Elias glasch img 9215
Elias glasch img 9219
Elias glasch img 9274
Elias glasch ior compensation